If you cannot buy a mask, make one. マスクが買えないなら作っちゃえ〜

Hello to foodies from all over the world. Since my kitchen is running slow again due to the spread of the virus,I’m trying to make masks by myself. Honestly, my latest guest was saying that he cannot get any masks so I’ve decided to make for those who need it. Actually, making a mask is my very first time and after researching, the most hard to make and effective mask became these. It took almost 2 hours hand sewing one mask but worth it. Look at this quality!

I posted about this on Twitter and someone told me I should make a video for people who needs mask so here is the video of an easy yet effective way to make a mask.

I’m sure there are lots with fear but we all should make some kind of move to feel better of ourselves. People are starting to speak up to the government and seems to be Japan is changing and improving little by little. Thanks to the SNS and YouTube.

 こんにちは。マスクのsold out に続き、トイレペーパーとテイッシュが sold outですね。先程、いつものスーパーに行って「ギョッ!(o_o)」っとしてきました。ティッシュもトイレペーパーも95%国産とのことなので在庫の心配はないと思うのですが買い占めは買い占めを呼ぶのでお店の陳列棚は空っぽ。やれやれ。そのうち我が家の紙製品がなくなったらどなたか私の手作りパンと交換して下さい😄。物々交換しましょ♡