Eat right, live right 正しく食べて正しく生活するしかないよね

Hello to foodies from all over the world. 「The spreading virus might be already in our body?! 」「Have you given up already?! Or you don’t have a mask because they are sold out?!Or you don’t wear a mask because it won’t work anyway?!」 As I see people who aren’t even wearing a mask in public, those questions crosses my mind.
And as a walk my dog in the neighborhood, 「Do animals get virus as human beings?! Do people walk their dogs in this situation? 」these questions run in my brain.
What is right? What is wrong? In this kind of situation, how should we live?
I called my mom this morning who lives alone in a country side in Japan. I never worried of her since she is a “tough one” for an 85 years old. But she answered in a voice of fear and betrayed my expectations. We exchanged advices each other and end our talk agreeing 「Eat right, live right.God will take care of the rest.」.