Staying away from the heat at Shirley’sCooking&Workshops

Hope everyone is doing well in this heat and humidity. I remind a guest from the states who asked me 「Is it a good time visiting Japan in summer?」. Her trip was organized by her beautiful young daughter for her whole family and chose our Gyoza making class several years back summer.
This lady looked tired and and complaining the heat and humidity and I just felt for her because I’m not willing to go out under the sun either. And I regret for not advising her positively of 「the tips of enjoying summer in Japan」.
Next year, we are going to welcome uncountable foreigners from all over the world for the Olympic so I need to check out where to stay away from the heat but can enjoy in Tokyo. At least, cooking at Shirley’sCooking&Workshops is one of a good choices. 😄