Historical Tokyo 〜吉原遊郭〜

Hello from hot and humid Tokyo. Hope you all are avoiding the heat wisely. I had a historical experience yesterday at Koutou-ward Yoshiwara area with other ladies and a tour guide. Yoshiwara area is known as a red-line district through Edo era to Meiji era for few hundred years. One of the biggest target was to have lunch at a tangible cultural heritage designation TEMPURA restaurant.

We lined up for 80 min. and also waited to be served for 20-30min. inside, but I saw no one complained.

We also walked through the red-line district with a little fear and curiosity and visited shrines and temples and one small bookstore.

At the end of the tour, everyone was getting exhausted by the heat and knowing the sad history of hundreds of young ladies who had to be given their lives for their families. But we all knew it was worth it to be there.