A guest from Germany again!

Hello people from all around the world! Today’s Raw Sake was summer version KANAE from Nagano prefecture and Yuzu flavor plum wine for a beautiful Chinese lady who is running a Japanese restaurant in Germany!

We were supposed to do a bento Class but changed to Soba making.

She was so talented and I was able to enjoy stories of her Chinese and German culture.

It was really nice meeting you and thank you so much for choosing my kitchen!

こんにちは。今日は6週間ぶりの外国人のお客様でしたよ😄 お好み焼きと和牛の弁当クラスの予約でしたがどうも間違ったようで「じゃ、お蕎麦打ちにしますか?」と提案すると「蕎麦打ち?!お蕎麦打ちたい!」とのお返事で急遽変更。ラッキーな事に蕎麦粉が昨日届いていて役に立てて良かった〜!